Isle of Wight

Hello, my name’s Clare . I’m a mum to my beautiful daughter, I have a graphic design degree and am also an experienced primary school teacher with 11 years experience, specialising in phonics. I absolutely love working with children and have done since a young age. I have a real passion for teaching phonics and helping children to improve on their sound knowledge so to build up their confidence and skills. I’ve always said that learning through fun, music, dance and laughter is the best way! These classes are perfect! Not only are they jam packed full of fun, but they focus on literacy skills and encourage communication and social development too. I’m so excited to be bringing 'Phonics with Robot Reg' classes to the Isle of Wight and really look forward to welcoming you to a class very soon.  

To purchase a summer pass for our virtual classes, click below:


£7 per week for daily live classes:

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