Three cheers for Birmingham Children’s hospital

We are so proud of our North Birmingham Franchisee Jenna Herycz who hosted a Sounds Right Phonics Valentines special last week to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Jenna’s little girl Sienna was born in September, and was very quickly diagnosed with a rare heart condition. Sienna was quickly transferred to Birmingham Children’s hospital where she had keyhole surgery. Jenna told us how she ‘balled her eyes out’ when she had to lie baby Sienna down on the operating table! Jenna was discharged from hospital and had to leave Sienna there alone, she said it was so tough but she was determined to help Sienna fight!

Eventually Sienna was allowed home, but she still has to go back to hospital every four weeks, and Jenna is awaiting a date for open heart surgery. When Jenna got home, she was overwhelmed at the amount of support her family and Sienna got at Birmingham Children’s hospital and she knew that she had to do something for them in return!

Jenna runs Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids in North Birmingham and decided to use her business, teaching expertise and her experience to raise awareness and fundraise for the hospital with a ‘Valentines Sounds Right Phonics Special’ lots of local businesses contributed to her raffle, and the profits made will be given to the children’s hospital. So far Jenna has raised £969 for Birmingham Children’s hospital but it isn’t too late to donate, if you want to donate just follow this link

Jenna and her husband Josh want to personally thank Birmingham Children’s Hospital: ‘We are so grateful to Birmingham Children's Hospital! Ward 11 feels like family, every single nurse that cared for our Sienna made such an effort to make us feel comforted and settled. We were so happy to be discharged with our Sienna but it was bitter sweet to say goodbye to our amazing nurses. We will always remember them and be forever grateful!’
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