The importance of family support when running a business

Running our own business was only ever a dream for Vanessa and me, it literally seemed impossible to own something of our own for many reasons. The first bubble burster was the thought of needing huge amounts of money to start a business, the second was not having a clue how to run a business and the third was the thought of, in my case ‘the children’. This was probably the most important aspect of running a business that continuously crossed our minds!

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of hiring a Mary Poppins to stay with the kids and giving you that peace of mind that a parent always needs. Our parents were away in Spain for quite a long time, so every time we considered some sort of step up the ladder, we ended up stepping back and leaving our thoughts right there at the bottom of the steps until one day, we were blessed to have our parents back in the UK.

In the search of making our dreams become a reality, we came across Sounds Right Phonics on Facebook and boy did it make our hearts pop out with joy, excitement, nerves, all sorts of feelings! Could this be the big dream opportunity?

Guess what! It was, we immediately got in touch with our parents and shared our interest of joining the Sounds Right Phonics team, to which both mum and dad didn’t hesitate to support. With our parents on board, we decided to contact Charlie and Alex with the hope of hearing a lot more exciting info regarding the business and with the eagerness of saying YES, YES, YES! After a few video calls, lots of questions, lots of researching, and lots of thought, we decided to Jump on board the Sounds Right Phonics ship and begin to sail away on the journey of our dream. We shared the news with all out friends and family and again, they didn’t hesitate to show support. I am blessed to have my husband by my side, as well as his family in London too who love and support us all unconditionally.

As much as we knew our parents where 100% with us on this journey, and were happy to help us with the kids, we still felt a little guilty, I mean, leaving them the responsibility over 3 little bundles of joy, of which all parents can agree, are angels, but can also really challenge us sometimes. Either way, our parents were on board our journey to success and were in no circumstance jumping out of our ship.

The time came to the moment when we had to start looking for venues, making calls, registering paperwork, sending emails, answering calls, learning and training, all sorts of other things, So, happily our parents stepped in to help where ever possible. We cannot thank them enough, those who have their parents close to help, please appreciate every single little thing they do for you and your family. After all, they were the first to instruct you through life to be the person you are today.

Having people who love you so much around you, helping with the house, helping with the kids, going the extra mile continuously, giving encouraging words and kicking you up the backside every time you feel discouraged, those are the people you need around you.

6 Weeks into running our own business, Vanessa and I cannot imagine how we would have done this without our family’s help and support. We are now sailing on this adventure with highs and lows along the way, but without a doubt, looking ahead to the destination of success. For those who have been thinking and re- thinking of taking that leap into making your dreams come true, do it! If you have the hunger for success, you will always have the power in you to succeed. Like the famous Nike Brand says ‘JUST DO IT’, don’t let the buts of life hold you back. Things will work out, we promise.

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