Primary school admissions, is your child ready to start school?

It’s the moment all parents have been waiting for, this week parents will be finding out what primary schools their children have been accepted to. On Tuesday 16th April parents find out where there children will spend the first seven years of their learning. For lots of parents and children this can be a really exciting time but for many it’s a very daunting time. We have spoken to Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids a pre-school educational class about what parents should be doing to prepare their children for school and start them on their journey to reading and writing.

Lauren Paskins a parent from the classes is waiting to find out where her daughter will be going to school; ‘It is nerve wracking, and not knowing if she’ll get into our first choice of school is scary, but I know that it will all work out for the best in the end.’

Alex Burnside primary school teacher, EYFS specialist and founder of Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids says; ‘It’s a big decision for parents as to which schools to put down as their choices and nerve wracking as they build up to their little ones starting school but there’s lots to do to prepare their children for school.’

‘Encouraging independence, being able to get changed, undo buttons, zips and take off coat is important for little ones when they are starting school. Things like cutting up their food can also be practiced, it’s something I am currently practicing with my little girl, getting knives and forks out with play-dough is a really fun way of practicing this!’

'There’s also lots that you can do so your child is prepared for the educational element of school, introducing letters, spotting letters and recognising them when you are out and about, listening to the different sounds you can hear, go on a listening walk and talk about the different things you can hear. Encourage your child to mark make by giving them a pen and paper, it doesn’t matter what marks they make, just encourage them to make marks freely on the paper.’’

Shocking statistics were realised that; around 100,000 children under five have never done activities at home with their parents to try to boost their learning skills, a survey suggests. The Department for Education poll of 2,685 parents of children aged five or younger found almost a third (31%) of their children do not read with someone at home daily. Only around half spend time learning the alphabet or recognising words (51%), counting ore learning numbers (58%), or learning songs, poems or nursery rhymes (59%) daily. Children and Families Minister Nadhim Zahawi said: "We want to create a generation of confident learners - and parents are a child's first and best teacher, helping to get them talking and communicating before they reach the classroom.

Reading daily is an important part of early literacy, getting children excited about books and sharing books with your children is so important for their literacy development.

Alex goes onto say; ‘There really is a lot that parents can be doing at home to prepare the children for school, it can be fun for both parent and child. Whilst you are preparing your little one for school, their class teacher will be doing the same. There will be transition visits to ensure the smooth transition from home to school. It really is an exciting time for both parent and child as they enter a new stage in their life.’

Sounds RIght Phonics Classes for Kids runs classes across the UK which teaches early phonics and prepares children for school, the classes are fun and high energy but each activity is educational. The classes were written by Alex Burnside and she runs the business along with her sister Charlie Day, the business was founded in 2016. Charlie says; ‘We are passionate about pre-school learning and want to make sure that all of the children are going into school with the right skills to flourish.’

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