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My life has changed so dramatically over the last two years that I can barely remember what I did before Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids! I’m joking of course I don’t have memory loss before anybody starts panicking but you get what I mean! Sounds Right Phonics has come into my life and changed it completely, it’s made me realise how hard I can work, what I am passionate about and how flexible working is the BEST way to being a happy Mum!

So let’s rewind to January 2016 I was running my own theatre school called Little Stars Theatre Workshops I absolutely loved it and worked every day from 3pm-7pm I had full classes and I had built up a really good little business! My sister who was working as a primary school teacher whilst being mum to two children told me her idea to create a fun and educational pre-school classes which taught letters and sounds and opened children up to a world of literacy! Ever the risk taker I said…. ‘What have we got to lose.’ I was at a loose end during the day anyway when these classes would take place!

So in February 2016 just two weeks after Alex had the idea, we launched our first class. It was just a trial to test it out! The class was full to overflowing and at the end of the class every single person wanted to sign up for a full term! Wow! I couldn’t believe the feedback we were buzzing! And that’s how Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids was born! 

A month later whilst drinking a cup of tea I said to my sister; ‘Is this milk off?’ ‘No’ She said ‘It’s totally fine.’ It tasted completely off to me so much so that I had to pour it away. But my next cup of tea was the same! When going to bed that night something just didn’t feel right, the next morning I woke up in bed and I thought maybe, just maybe, I might be….. Pregnant! Yes a cup of tea wasn’t the same for a good nine months. So that was that my baby was due in December and soon I would be on my own journey as a working mum.

My other sister Vicki had always played a big role in my theatre school so she covered my maternity leave, as luck would have it she saw the theatre school go from strength to strength and runs it completely now, you should check it out she’s amazing

But what about Sounds Right Phonics, whilst we were building it up I was the teacher and Alex was the creator but during the summer months we were inundated with people asking to buy a franchise, this planted a seed in our mind an idea that maybe we could franchise our business as a way of growing it across the UK!

After meeting with various perspective franchisees we took the leap and took on three pilot franchisees and in January 2017 after Sounds Right Phonics had been running for just 11 months and my baby was 6 weeks old we trained our first franchisees! And we’ve never looked back. Franchising has been the BEST thing we ever did, not only did it mean that we could scale our business across the UK but we were also able to give mums the opportunity to work flexibly around their children, being able to pick them up and drop them off at school, never missing a class assembly or nativity!

And for me personally Sounds Right Phonics has meant that I am there every step of the way for the last two years to watch my own son grow up and make memories with him, and for that I will always be truly grateful!

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