Lauren's story

February is the month of love so we thought we would use this month to share our franchisees stories about why they love Sounds Right Phonics Classes so much and why they bought a Sound Right Phonics franchise.  

Lauren Paskins thought she would take her daughter Niamh, then nearly three, to Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids in Chelmsford as the classes appeared to be great fun and her daughter had shown a huge interest in letters.

According to Lauren, Kelly, the class leader, was so welcoming and engaging that Niamh loved the classes straight away.

“They are high energy and fast paced, and Niamh didn’t even realise she was learning. She loved playing phonics at home, hunting for letters and she quickly recognised all the different letter names and sounds,” she says.

Niamh had always been the sort of child who loved arts and crafts and colouring so when she wanted to start writing letters, Lauren encouraged her to do so, as a primary school teacher herself, Lauren recognised the importance of early literacy.

“But I was astounded when, after Niamh had been attending the classes for just two terms, I found that she had helped herself to a pen and paper and said that she wanted to do some writing. I thought nothing of it and enjoyed a cup of tea, but when I went to check on Niamh and asked what she had written, she replied: ‘a story about my camping trip.’”

Astounded, Lauren looked at the paper and it said, ‘Niamh went on a camping trip, now this is the end.’ She was only three years old and had used the skills that she had learnt in Kelly’s class to write a full sentence!

This got Lauren thinking about just how beneficial the classes were.

“They had worked wonders for Niamh,” she says. “She has transformed from not being able to recognise letters and sounds to being able to read and actually write!”

Lauren decided she wanted to run Sounds Right Phonics Classes herself and bring them to Benfleet, Canvey and Leigh-On-Sea to help local children develop the literacy skills there. Lauren says: “I am passionate about teaching early literacy skills and after seeing how quickly Niamh’s skills developed, I wanted to get involved and teach these classes myself. The classes don’t actually look at writing, it’s all about the skills needed for when they are ready to write. Niamh has great phonic understanding from attending the classes which is clear from her attempting to spell the words. I see literacy as a big jigsaw. Once you’ve learned the sounds and realise, they go together to make words, this enables you to read and in turn enables you to spell! Thanks to these classes, Niamh's jigsaw is really coming together.”

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