Do Try This at Home...R week for babies and toddlers

R week 
Rockets, reading, reflections and rolling have made up r week for the baby and toddler.
Reflective Materials
What baby doesn't love looking at their own reflection and exploring shiny things? This activity was perfect for both baby and toddler. I covered the kitchen table with tin foil and then raided the cupboard for metal bowls, spoons and lids. Then the little ones sat up at the table and explored. I sat with them and explored too which enabled me to extend their language. Baby boy loved the metal bowl and the girl quickly discovered that a metal spoon bashed against a metal bowl makes a wonderfully loud noise! 
The importance of reading is obvious but for me it is so important to get children engaged with books from birth - it before, reading to the bump may seem extreme but hearing mum or dads voice enriching vocabulary and  introducing stories before birth has to be beneficial. We always share three stories before nap and bedtime and as a consequence the toddler already knows a wide variety of stories and rhymes. She loves to look at books independently and there are always books within easy reach. I manage to capture a wonderful photo of her and her little cousin engaging in a reading session together - as she recited rhymes to him. 
It is important to develop gross motor skills so this week we engaged in some rolling. We rolled huge balls and the toddler pushed the ball to the baby who, with support rolled it back. We also built our Rollipop toddler marble run and explored rolling smaller balls down a variety of channels. This gave the baby opportunity to stand and watch the balls - great for developing eye tracking! He loved the loud rolling noise as the balls went along the track
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