Do Try This at Home...All about U

This week we have been exploring U. We made use of the warm weather and used the garden for some of activities this week. It is so lovely to be able to play and learn outside.
It’s Raining It’s Pouring
Both my two LOVE nursery rhymes – the youngest one especially and you can always hear her singing to herself. I decided to bring It’s raining, It’s pouring to lie with real umbrellas as it wasn’t raining we used the hose which they thought was delightful. They hid under their umbrella while I sprayed them. In between the hysteria and hiding we sang the song together.
Umbrella Painting
We used sponges and paintbrush to paint the umbrella. It is always nice to explore painting different things other than paper and this was especially fun as the children could get under the umbrella and almost be inside their painting. Painting on a curvy surface was a challenge too.
Writing U words
The boy’s handwriting is still in development so we use these cute Melissa and Doug stamps to try to spell some u words. Using stamps (rather than writing) is helpful as he could concentrate primarily on the spelling and the sounding out and didn’t have to worry about the letter writing too. Writing is obviously important but in this activity I just wanted him to practise segmenting. Selecting the correct letter stamen was good letter recognition too. 
As an extension to last week's obstacle course we also explored going under. We set up some under challenges in the garden and the children explored going under.
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