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A ride on a tractor and a late night walk with torches got t week off to a flying start. The boy is obsessed with treasure hunts so this seemed like a good place to start some phonic based activities.
Treasure Hunts
This activity was child initiated to begin with as the little one started drawing treasure maps. I seized upon this interest and set to making a simple treasure hunt in the garden. We used chocolate coins. I added a ‘t’ to each coin to practise letter recognition. On the back I added the initial letter of his name to some and his sister’s name to others to add an extra challenge – he was only able to collect the coins with his letter on. This activity went on for a whole day. He drew a treasure map, I hid the treasure and he found it. He then would hide the treasure for me. This was a great activity as it encouraged mark making, we had plenty of time outside, it kept us all entertained and he practised his letter recognition. Result!!
Tin Cans
I collected three tin cans from the recycling and used them as magnetic boards and we sorted our magnetic letters sticking any s, a, or t letters that we found. This was good revision of the previous few weeks’ sounds. He loved sticking the magnetic letters to the cans as this proved to be something different than the usual magnetic boards that we use. Once we had sorted them we had a try at sounding out at and sat. We used the cans again and lined them up to make the words. Despite being competent at oral blending he found it quite tricky once he was ‘reading’ the letters so I modelled it lots until he got the hang of it himself.
Turtle Book
Again, I used my son’s interest to drive the next activity. He is mad keen on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which, features a lot of ts. I printed some ninja turtle pictures and together we made a story book. He practised writing t for the title of the book. This activity also let his imagination run wild as he made up his own story which I scribed for him. He was very proud of his own book and even wanted me to read it to him at bedtime!!!
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