Do Try this at Home...All about P for Toddlers and Babies

P week has continued to be one of my favourite weeks and has been action packed for the toddler and the baby. For the toddler the activities have really focused on fine motor skills and the baby has explored some sensory play and a new tummy time activity.
Pom Pom Drop
I love how versatile pompoms are. They are so soft, bright and attractive to children making them appealing for a wealth of activities. We enjoyed a pom–pom drop game. I simply taped two different sized tubes to the cupboard and gave the toddler a range of pompoms. She loved dropping them through the tubes. We then discussed how the big one wouldn’t fit down the thin tube (no matter how hard she tried to push it) This activity was great for fine motor skills as her little fingers worked hard to pick up the pompoms and feed them down the tubes. It was great for language development too.
Pom Pom Sensory Bottle
I LOVE sensory bottles. They are so cheap and easy to make but the baby finds them great fun. As it was p week the bottle were filled with pompoms. The bright colours whirled around the bottle as the baby explored it and pushed it along. Another great tummy time activity.
Peg and Pom Pom Painting
This was another good activity for fine motor skills and also creativity. I gave the toddler some pegs and pompoms and showed her how to attach the pompom onto the peg. She found this super tricky and it was a real lesson in perseverance for her. Once we had attached all the pompoms we dipped them into paint and printed with them.
What baby doesn’t squeal with delight when playing peek-a-boo? As this was P week we had to include this as an activity. A timeless classic activity to play with a baby. We used a chiffon scarf which is so soft to touch and also means that the little one can always keep his eyes on mum.
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