Do Try This At Home...all about O

Excuses, excuses but festivals and holidays have slightly brought a halt to the blog but we are back. Trying to complete all single letter sounds before the biggest one starts school in what is now just over 5 weeks. Arghh how can that be. We will have to work at speed to complete our mission. Initially we had hoped to spend a week on letter related activities but as we have fallen a little behind it now will have to be a few days! So here is what fun we had for O week.
Obstacles Course
What child doesn’t love an obstacle course? What’s more this activity can take place inside or outside depending on the weather. Or both - to give a variety of equipment. We used the garden on a lovely sunny day and utilised all sorts of objects but tried to vary the skills so the children experience climbing over, crawling through, jumping and running. An obstacle course is super to develop gross motor skills which in turn help handwriting as well as being a wonderful workout – as you can see from the photo the sixteen year old cousin even joined in!!
After the success of the garden centre we launch O week with an optician’s role play area. Fuelled by her Peppa Pig obsession the Little one is already interested in the opticians as it features in a Peppa Pig episode so it seemed a perfect thing to explore. The two bigger kids loved looking into each other’s eyes and reading the letter charts as well as trying on the glasses. We added paper and writing frames to encourage mark making and a till and coins for mathematical development. I modelled what to do first but before I knew it the boy was the optician and the girl the customer  and oh the fun they had, learning through play at its best.
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