Do Try This At Home...All About N

N is the final letter in the SATPIN sequence and once these 6 letters have been learnt then children should be able to start blending and segmenting. It can be tricky at first for children to say the sounds and blend them so to practise it is helpful for the adult to say the sound and the child to blend. Lots of oral blending will really help when it comes to reading.
Blending Bingo.
I printed out some pictures - sit, nap, tap, pin - and gave my son four counters. I said the sounds s-i-t and he found the counter and covered the correct picture. When all four pictures were covered he shouted bingo! This game is a bit more fun with more players but he enjoyed it all the same. As he improves we will reverse roles too and he will say the sounds and I will cover the pictures.
Children need LOTS of consolidation to remember the letter sounds. This is why all our Sounds Right lessons include a "revision" section at the start of each lesson. This week I added letters to skittles and we took it in turns to throw the ball and say which skittles we had knocked over. Great activity as the boy didn't even know he was learning!!
Writing n - on an easel
There is lots of information about using upright surfaces to mark make and how valuable it is for young children as it helps to build arm strength. An easel is a perfect surface. We used chalk and the good old fashioned blackboard to practise letter formation. It is important to watch/support the child as the form the letter to ensure that they are forming it correctly from the outset!
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