Do Try this At Home....All About H

This week it is all about H. Just a reminder to those new to the blog, At home, we have started focusing on a different letter a week in anticipation of my first born starting school. 26 week before he was due to start school we began and our weekly letter themed activities are still growing strong. And what’s more, he is getting better and better. He recognises letters, blends letters together and takes an interest in words and letters when we are out and about. The blogs include activities for the not for much longer pre-schooler but also more simple activities for two year olds and, just so he can join the party, the baby cousin who lives next door but one and is always around to join in the fun. SO, this blog will hopefully appeal to all.
We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your activities too. Whether you try some from our blog or you have some amazing activities that you think we may like to try. So you can comment on the blog post or share it to our facebook page If you enjoy reading our blog you can also follow us on Instagram for more fun ideas for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers @soundsrightkids.
I love activities that involve getting active and hopscotch did just that but this was not your normal hopscotch because instead of numbers we used letters. As we now have 9 letters under our belt it is important to continually revise them and letter hopscotch allowed this. I chalked a hopscotch and added the letters. I wrote some letters that I knew he was confident with as well as ones that I know he is finding tricky as well as our new sound: H. We played together and the letter sounds were revised as we did so. A simple, effective revision – and what was best as the boy was playing and spending quality time with me AND was learning as well.
Barrier Game
This was another activity to revise the letter sounds. We found wooden and magnetic letters and each had a set of the sounds that we had learnt to date – s,a,t,I,p,n,c,k,e and h. I then placed a book (or barrier) between the two sets of letters. The boy having one set and me having the other. I then called out a letter sound and we both had to find it and see if it matched.
Hammering Tees
This activity is a favourite in our house. All you need is a potato, butternut squash or other such vegetable, some golf tees and a hammer (we usually raid the 'tap a shape' toy for the hammer) I set these items up on the table and the boy (and more often now, the toddler too) are soon tap, tap, tapping away with their hammers. A great activity to build hand strength and improve fine motor skills.
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