Do Try This at Home...All About G

Grabbing Game
We grabbed the balls and I labelled them with letters using a permanent marker. The game was to grab the ball and identify the letter. Perfect for letter recognition practise.
For the little one I also included some sorting and we sorted the balls by colour as she grabbed them!! 
Garden Centre
The glorious weather meant we have been out in the garden lots. I set up a garden centre role play area complete with pots, watering cans and seeds. I added a till which supported mathematical development and some pads to encourage mark making too. This activity went down so well and both children played for a sustained duration. It was great for language extension too.
Tummy time is vital for babies but they need encouragement to remain on their tummy for a length of time. To do this we used glitter bags. These were made from shower gel and glitter in a sealed ziplock bag. We taped this to the floor so it didn't move and he explored squishing and prodding it. He was mesmerised by the glitter. 
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