Do Try this at Home...All About D

D is for Dinosuars

The boy is obsessed with dinosaurs to I used this to my own advantage. We got all the dinosaurs out of the toybox and began playing. I added some wooden letters into his play. Together we takes about the names of the dinosaurs and matched the initial sound.

The little one finds tricky words, well tricky so to aid this I made the tricky words using duplo. The idea is he will be able to remember or visualise the shape so a word like is is made of two equal blocks where as the is made of two tall blocks and a small one. I then wrote the letters on each block and we looked at the shapes together and talked about the tricky words.
Using lollipop sticks and a permanent marker I made a letter recognition game. We played the game together matching the letter sounds. This game was great for turn taking too. I left the dominoes out and found him matching the letters independently 
It wouldn't be d week without dough!! We love dough in our house. So open ended and super for fine motor skills as well as using one handed tools. 
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