Do Try This at Home - All About C/K

The C sound is interesting as it can be made with c and k. It can also be made with ck which is primarily at the end of words. We introduced all of these when doing c week to give an awareness that this sound can be made in a number of ways.
Hunting for c/k
The school run can be, at times, fraught. The three of us on a mission, scooter and buggy et al speeding to school. Today we had time to spare and used it to spot c and k on the way. It was refreshing to chat as we wandered to school rather than march and we all enjoyed the little activity. Once we started there was no stopping us. No manhole cover or road sign was left unchecked for cs and ks. It also brought up an interesting discussion about c at the start of words like city after we spotted a c in the toy shop window advertising LEGO CITY. I imagine that today will be the start of something and now we will be spotting letters on the school run for a few weeks to come.
Car Races
I always like to include mark making to our weekly activities. This week rather than practise letter formation we made our own roads. This was good practise for drawing straight lines which is helpful for forming I, t, i , j. Once the road was complete the three of us had great fun racing our cars and this practised vocabulary: first, second, third and inevitably winner and loser
Collecting C objects
As there are a wealth of objects starting with c. I set the pre-schooler a challenge to locate 5 items that started with the C/K sound. He ransacked his toy boxes and came up with a fine number of things. We then went through them all checking that they started with c. This was good for the toddler to hear the repetition of the c sound.
Spelling words
We practise orally blending words lots, so this week we tried do it the other way around - segmenting whole words into sounds. We used words that featured the sounds covered so far (SATPIMC) I said a word then together we broke it down. As an extension activity we used magnetic letters to spell the letters too.
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