Do Try This at Home...All about A

This week for our do try this at home activites we moved onto a. As there are no weekly classes due to the Easter break we hope that you might try some of these activites at home. We'd love to see any activites that  you do at home so share them on our facebook page soundsright or via instgram - @soundsrightkids
Animals in Ice
We started the week rescuing animals from ice. This needed a bit of prep as the animals needed to be frozen in ice. I used some plastic food trays and added a few animals to each. I have done this previously and totally covered the animals so they are at the centre of a big ice son found this too hard to rescue the animals so this time I half filled the containers to make the rescue more achievable.
We used spoons, knives, salt and hot water and mission impossible began. Both children loved this to start with but after a few pours of water and turns with the knife the two year old had had enough. The four year old was more determined and enjoyed making the ice melt and cutting and chipping at the ice and being victorious in rescuing the animals! This was great fun and provided a science based problem solving activity but the pouring of water and using tools improved fine motor skills.
Finding A objects
As part of the activities for his younger sister we had found, played with and talked about lots of a objects (more on that in the next blog) but this four year old loves a challenge so we involved a timer! The challenge was to find three a objects before the timer ran out. We found a letters to out each found object next to. Ready, steady, go and he was off raiding his toy box for toys beginning with 'a.' The timer adding a bit of frenzy and excitement to the game.
Writing a
I like to include some writing activities and believe it is so important to for the letters correctly from the very beginning. I painted a large a on paper and left it to dry. I then modelled to the four year old how to form the a and he used different crayons to write on top of my giant a. His motor control is improving but he still needs to write large while he is learning.
Alphabet Books
I love alphabet books and am a slight hoarder/collector of them. We gathered some alphabet books from our collection and looked at what start with 'a' in each different book. We talked about capital and lowercase letters and discussed that a is the first letter in the alphabet books.


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