Bringing Nursery Rhymes to life.

As I mentioned in a previously blogs Nursery Rhymes help to introduce children to a world of literacy. They are also fantastic ways to introduce or embed vocabulary or extend other concepts too such as counting. This week, at home, we have explored bringing Nursery Rhymes to life using toys and resources around our house. We used playdough and Duplo.

Playdough- During a session with the play dough I sat with my daughter and together we used it to bring Nursery Rhymes alive. On this occasion it was an adult led activity where I was suggesting things we could do and then we did them together. We explored 10 Fat Sausages by rolling long fat sausages between our hands and laying them on a tray.  We counted them, then I added numerals next to each sausage to aid number recognition. We also talked about longest /shortest/fattest/thinnest to improve language. Finally, we sang the song again, putting all the sausages in a pretend pan, and taking away two each time.

Pat a Cake Pat a Cake -We rolled and patted playdough into cake shapes which was great to build hand strength. We used letter stamps to “mark it with B” . We also talked about adding different letters to reflect people’s names in the immediate family and made a cake for each person in the family. As an extension we added candles and explored counting by counting the number of candles. We also linked it to understanding of the world by talking about birthdays. Next time she plays with the playdough I will put the same resources out (pan / candles / b stamps) to allow her to explore the activities again by herself to embed the rhymes and learning further.  











Duplo- We have a wealth of Duplo and used it to bring nursery rhymes alive.  

London Bridge is Falling Down – We sorted the Duplo bricks into blue and not blue and made a pretend river prior to building the bridge. You can introduce colour names and talk about colours while doing this and extend language by talking about different shades of blue. Next, we built a bridge over the river. My four-year-old needed quite a bit of support to understand the concept of building a structure to go over the water. We finished by singing London Bridge is falling down and breaking up the bridge -this was her favourite part for sure.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary- We used a Duplo base board to make out own garden. Again, in this first instance this was adult led. We added Duplo flowers, made trees and added figures. We sang the song and used the action figures to be Mary. This went on for a long time and we extended the garden by adding a train and even a garden shed.  If you try any of these out or, if you think of your own activities to bring Nursery Rhymes alive using Duplo or Playdough I’d love to hear about it!

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