An Epiphany – You Are What You Do!

I am Alex, a primary school teacher who along with my sister, Charlie Day, founded Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids.
Five years ago, I had an epiphany. I can remember it vividly. I was at home cleaning the patio windows with my then 16-month-old son and it was bliss! Bliss? How can cleaning windows ever be classed as bliss? Such a mundane and dull job! But for me on that day it was bliss. For I was a mum who – like many – worked full time. I taught at a local primary school and worked full time. I did have the luxury of the long school holidays, but I still wasn’t around as much as I wanted for my little one. My husband would drop my son off at nursery long after I’d left for school. Indeed more often than not I would leave for work before they woke and I would go to work in a job that I had previously adored!  I would leave school as early as I could each day to pick him up but inevitably would spend as little as half an hour with him before it was bath and bedtime. So, on that day in April when together we were cleaning windows, I decided that I didn’t want to do it anymore. I didn’t want to have snatched half hours with him or be endlessly counting down to the holidays. I didn’t want to appear over the moon when his nursery told me that he had said a new word or had painted a new picture – I wanted to experience it all and I ultimately want to spend more time with my young son and thus hatched a plan to make it so.
Now, these things never do run smooth and having negotiated a part time role at school I discovered I was pregnant and thus put that plan on hold for just a bit longer but 9 months later my desire to spend more time with my children became reality. By then I had made the decision to leave teaching altogether and approximately four years ago I got my dream to spend more time with - by then – my two children. It wasn’t for another year in 2016 when Sounds Right Phonics was born but that moment was pivotal in getting it started. This term we have launched our You Are What You Do Campaign and I am a firm believer in creating your own destiny and - we are what we do!
This year our blog will focus on our trials and tribulations of being working mums, our franchising journey – as we celebrate two years in franchising, as well as hints and activities that you can do at home to support your child’s phonic development. We are what we do – so let’s make what we do fabulous!
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